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King For a Day 

I wrote this song to challenge everyone who hears it. If you had unlimited resources for one day what would you do? This song does not make people pick aside, but it challenges them to do something to make this world better! 


I was inspired to write "King For a Day," driving into the city and seeing everything Kind of just torn down. I felt like we all had a responsibility to do something to make the world better.  I didn’t know what I could do but I knew I could sing so I decided to write a song that expressed what I would do if I was a King

King For a Day Acoustic

In the acoustic version of "King For a Day," I wanted to record it so you could hear and feel the anguish and the desire for wanting a change in our society. In this version, I do my best to capture the emotional side of what we all feel when we think about what’s going on in our world...

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